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Time for provider credentialing to join the Digital Age

By Mike Lessila
For most providers, the credentialing process must feel like the movie Groundhog Day. The office receives a multiple page application that must be filled out in order to add the provider to the payer’s network. The provider or a staff member then dutifully fills out the application and mails it back or (in the more “progressive” instances) submits it online. Next week, another application comes in asking for the same information and the office goes through the process again. Rinse and repeat for each payer’s provider network.


There’s no reason provider credentialing should take so long or cost so much

By Lance Stewart
Obtaining the credentials needed to build a provider network is typically an expensive, time-consuming process because it can take weeks or months to mail out paper applications to the targeted providers, follow up by phone/email/mail/fax/carrier to get the information back, and finally enter it into your system by hand – one application and supporting document at a time. Not anymore, however.


Challenges with Integrating Multiple Claims Software Systems on a Single Technology Platform

By Michelle Spencer
For most payers, having more than one claims software system is a fact of life. At least if they’re offering dental. Because while most of the benefits they offer – medical, vision, physical therapy, long-term care, etc. – can run on their core systems since they share coding and other characteristics, as a general rule dental claims cannot.


Benefit Management Technology Taking an Autonomous Car Approach

By Doug Wilkens
You would pretty much have to spend the last couple of years alone on a tropical island to not be aware of the impending revolution being brought on by the so-called “autonomous car.” In the next few years, major automakers and tech giants such as Google and Microsoft are saying they will be putting cars on the road that completely automate the process of getting from here to there. No drivers needed – just tell the car where you want to go and it will take you there. It promises to be a game-changer. Similar innovations are now coming to benefit management.


Disruptive Benefit Management Software

By Mike Lessila
I think we can all agree that most people don't like change. Change is hard. It gets us out of our comfort zones. It introduces uncertainty and risk. Yet it's often necessary, especially in business. Solutions designed for the marketplace of 30 years ago don't always translate to the realities of today.


Advice for Health Plans on Leveraging Software as a Service

By Michael Gardipee
Watch this video blog to determine if Software as a Service, or SaaS, is the right choice for your organization.


6 Tips for Ensuring Dashboards Drive Operational Efficiency

By Michelle Spencer
Ever since the advent of the big data era a dozen or so years ago, one of the most popular business concepts has been the dashboard. The phrase “We need an executive dashboard” has echoed down the hallways and through the boardrooms of corporate America, sending operational and IT teams into a frenzy to deliver these colorful renderings of the state of the organization.


Making reimbursement as simple and speedy as getting a flu shot

By Greg Borca
A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time for my annual flu shot. I ran out to my local pharmacy, told them what I wanted and in about 15 minutes I was (hopefully) protected against whatever nasty strains are making the rounds this year. The entire process was a marvel of efficiency. Especially when it came time to pay. The pharmacy already had my health insurance information in their system, so when they rang the transaction the insurance claim was already adjudicated and paid, and my portion determined. I knew exactly what it would cost me, and I paid it before the shot was administered.


Technology Helps Payers Transition for the Future

By Craig Kasten
Despite all the advances in technology over the last three decades, many large health payers are still conducting aspects of their business the way they did in the pre-Internet days of the 1980s, relying on manual processes and interactions with members and providers.


Five Principles to Leveraging Benefit Administration Technology to Succeed During Reform

By Mike Lessila
Well, no one said healthcare reform via the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would be easy. In fact, it's proven to be quite painful at times as healthcare payers scramble to realign their organizations to accommodate an entirely different way of working without disrupting their current business.


A look at trends that will affect payers in 2016 - and beyond

By Greg Borca
With an election year upon us once again it seems like everyone is even more interested in the future than usual. That’s what caught my eye about an insightful article in Managed Healthcare Executive from a couple of thought leaders at GE Healthcare Camden Group.


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